Computer Technology

The program is designed to give students a working knowledge of computer hardware and software. The course will consist of modules covering hardware components and network and operating systems. This course will include troubleshooting of hardware and software problems. The program will incorporate background work for the A+ Certification Test.

Students will have classroom work and hands-on experience that will prepare them for entry-level positions and/or post-secondary computer related programs.


Prerequisites: Students who have successfully completed Computer Technology may apply. Applications will be considered based on a CATC rubric.

Combining videos, text lessons, exam prep, and interactive lab simulations into one package, TestOut PC Pro is the best end-to-end solution to teach students how to build, configure, secure, network, and troubleshoot PCs. TestOut PC Pro prepares students to pass three IT industry certification exams:

  • TestOut’s PC Pro Certification exam
  • CompTIA’s 220-901 Certification exam
  • CompTIA’s 220-902 Certification exam

Students will not only learn through videos and text lessons, but they’ll gain real-world skills using LabSim, our interactive lab simulation technology. LabSim gives students the opportunity to practice evaluating, analyzing, and configuring hardware and software. Not only will they be well prepared to take three industry certifications, they’ll have the skills employers are looking for.