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Machine Tool & Welding

Machine Tool & Welding
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If you become a Machine Tool Technology student, these are some of the things you will learn:

How to use metal cutting machines such as Lathes, Milling Machines, Hand Tools and Surface Grinders.
How to make precision measurements.
How to use Mathematics for figuring out dimensions, angles, speeds etc.
How to read Blueprints and use them to plan jobs and make things.
Be introduced to Computer Numerically Controlled Machinery.
How to Stick Weld,Mig and Tig Weld
Safety procedures associated with these powerful machines.

This Program is a hands on program allowing students to be creative working with various metals and other materials. They will produce parts for four wheelers, snowmobiles, trucks and other various projects. They will learn to weld, bend, mill,turn and design various parts. We do not buy parts we make them!!!

This year we have had the opportunity to fabricate the rails for the new skate park that is being built at the Williams playground. We are making 200 small wind mill hubs for the Sci-Tech program for students to make small wind mills and learn how they work. Some of the second year students projects include a small wood stove for a fishing shack. Two students are making back racks for there pick up trucks. We have produced several bar risers for snowmobiles.We are also building a complete etching press for the arts program at Erskine. These are only a few projects that we have done in the shop. If you are looking for a hands on program this will be the program for you!!



You can contact Mr. Farnsworth at : 


40 Pierce Dr. Suite 1 • Augusta, ME 04330 • Phone: 207-626-2475 ext 3103 • Fax: 207-626-2498

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