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Recommendations: Students should have mastery of reading, measuring, and arithmetic computation skills. Students should also be familiar with a full-function calculator to perform basic mathematical operations, and should be able to perform calculations using fractions and decimals.

Plumbing and Heating offers 2 one-year programs providing instruction in all phases of plumbing and heating technology. The students will learn installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing and heating equipment.

Image result for GasIn the Heating year, students will learn the basics of oil and gas heating systems. They will learn to use the tools to maintain, install and troubleshoot heating systems.  Boilers and furnaces will be worked on in our lab.  Students will be involved in the installation, maintenance, and adjustment of equipment.  This will require skills learned in piping, wiring, control circuitry, and sheet metal.  Hot air ductwork and hydronic heat distribution units, such as baseboard and radiant, will be installed as zone of heat in our shop.  Solar, wood and refrigeration will be explored as heating sources in the trades.



In the Plumbing year, students will learn types of piping and fittings and the too

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ls required for their proper installation. Plumbing installations will be done under slab and in wood frame spaces in and outside our shop.  Students will learn about different pumps, tanks and plumbin

g fixtures and be involved in installation and service of the equipment.  Domestic water heating by electricity, gas, oil and solar will be understood.  Upon completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to receive credit for Plumbing Fundamentals in the Energy Services Technology program at Kennebec Valley Community College.

Both courses use a nationally recognized curriculum with a national registry for qualified students. Graduates have basic entry-level skills to enter the workforce or continue their education in Plumbing & Heating at a technical college.


Certifications Offered:
National Association of Home Builders Plumbing
National Oilheat Research Alliance Bronze Course
OSHA 10 hour Construction Course

College Credit Opportunities:
Dual Enrollment with: Kennebec Valley Community College